I've got a Soulpatch but I'm not a Souldier

November 28, 2012 12:42 pm


We all have plans.  Even before we were conceived, (most of us) had plans.  Plans that we make and plans that others make for us, however, are two very different things. 

Our parents have plans for us, they have many, many plans.  They plan for us to grow up healthy and strong and then they plan for us to go to school and be successful.  These plans are the result of the plans made for them and so on.  The only problem is, plans can change; things don’t always work out the way they were supposed to though.

Sometimes you just fuck em up yourself

Sometimes other people fuck them up for you

But regardless of why a plan gets derailed, or why your course of action changes, the door is never shut on a new plan being formed. 

My plan? To create my own plan, to map it out with my own hands, letting my own mind shape the ebb and flow of my day to day life.  Im going to use my art, my words, my plan to shape the world around me and become an influence and inspiration to other artists.  I want to help other people form their own plans by inspiring them with the path I tread on and the script I follow.  It wont be easy, and damn sure wont be cheap, but that’s all part of the plan anyway

October 31, 2012 1:41 am
September 30, 2012 7:41 pm


 5 of my friends committed suicide in 4 years, and high school was really a slump for me inside.  Sure, I made it look like nothing was wrong but that’s because I didn’t want to impose my own ill-humor on anyone.  I decided to shake it up my junior year and try a new remedy, a little improvised shake and bake.  So, I decided to stop playing sports and try out for the musical. Since that point, there has been no turning back.  Acting and writing have given my life a purpose, a reason to stay.  I know the capacity to fulfill and inspire, to rejuvenate and restore that the arts have.  I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life, especially math.  I also don’t have to deal with math…sweet God I love the arts.

September 17, 2012 7:03 pm 2:31 pm

Pick me! PICK ME! jk

Dear Senor Levitt,

I could start this off by telling you what a huge fan of yours I am, and that would be great! It would be all nice and pretty and an icebreaker and whatnot, but that’s something you’ve heard before.  People all around the world want to work with you and watch you and just be you.  But you don’t want that.  You want a bunch of unique and creative minds separate from each other, because that’s the great thing about art.  What you have to offer is different from what other people have.  Sure, you may have similar talents and agendas but when it really comes down to it you’re the only you out there.  I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your work.  You are so talented and phenomenal and really inspire me to keep pushing through school and to work hard and try and make a name for myself—a name that no one else will share.  I really wish you the best of luck, and I think that you’re one of the most talented artists out there.  You can ask my mom, even my girlfriend, because all I do is talk about my talent-man crush on you…..hope that’s not weird.  Maybe sometime you can check out some of my writing or whatever happens to appear on my blog.  It’s for a class and I’m required to keep it up, but I’ve come to find that I really like it! It’s a good outlet for my creativity.  I wonder if that’s how you started.  You’re an inspiration to me, and thank you for all of the hope and drive you’ve given me.  Best of luck (not that you need it, cuz you’re killin’ it right now)

12:31 pm
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some bay area hip hop for ya, gotta love the Grouch.  He really has some smart lines and they’re easy to relate to.  You don’t have to be from the hood, or black, or poor, or any of the stereotypes associated with rap to enjoy and love hip-hop…It’s an art

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Frank Ocean, definitely one of my favorite artists.  Just SO much respect for coming out despite all the negative stereotypes and thoughts surrounding the gay community, especially in Hollywood.  He makes some really beautiful music, and Andre 3stacks never disappoints

September 11, 2012 10:47 pm

@dagnySanson this is what i live for

10:44 pm


I was just actually writing an English paper about virtues and values and it really got me thinking…what DO I value most in life? Well, it’s always been something different, I can tell you that much.  Shit, in high school all I valued was other peoples approval.  I went through an eating disorder for a while because I valued so much to be one of the hot-bod, buff dudes who could take off their shirts at will and be SO cool.

Well, yeah I’m over that.  I can take off my shirt whenever I want, dammit, I don’t have to have some killer abs (although that’d be sweet…) because I value staying true to myself and representing Conor the way that Conor is.

Conor has a lot of chest hair, Conor looks like he’s 27, Conor has no muscle definition except in his calves and butt (weird, huh?) but that’s all what makes Conor great.

I don’t care about what other people desire or value physically in another person, because I have a great girl who has helped me become confident in what I can not change.  I feel so great about myself because I stopped giving a flapping fish about what everyone thinks about me!

So what DO I value, what DO I give several fish-a-flapping about?

I value passion.

I value courage.

I value intelligence.

I value being able to be a dork once in a while just because it’s fun not holding back.

I value movies that make me cry because every once in a while it’s just nice to be a baby and sob because you FEEL LIKE A HUMAN

I value music that makes me move inside, makes me want to wiggle and bop my head, tunes that make me talk out loud and play them over and over and over and over again until my roommate slaps me

I value people who make me laugh

I value Laughter

I value pain, because it helps you savor the deliciousness and juiciness of life when it is sweet, and it can be OH so sweet.  It can also be very hard, which just adds some more value to the abundant, great moments

I value puppies and things that make me go AWWWWW and get all mushy and red and squeal

I value love, above all else, because I ripens the sincerity and beauty that naturally comes to us in life.

I value writing, whether it be good or bad, because people sat down and put their thoughts on paper to share them with me. Fuck, that takes time and effort! Clap for that, it’s tough.

In closing, I value words. Words words words can make or break your life.  They can activate or defuse a situation, they can get you laid and they can get you in trouble.  How you use those words, how you express yourself through the gift of language is so valuable and unique to every person who can talk. The words that my love say to me are melodic and make my blood vessels gorge on the blood my heart so profuself pumps when I hear that voice.  The words that my mom say to me  make me feel safe and sound, in only a way that mothers can…but in a way that is unique to my own mom.

I value myself, and I never used to, so this is strange writing it out.  I value myself, and that makes my life worth living.

September 7, 2012 4:58 pm



Some days are very funny.  Some days are really sad.  Some days are just fucked up.  Some days you love every second of the air you are breathing in, literally every second that the air goes down your throat and chills your insides like a crisp breeze.  It fills your lungs and then when you exhale, everything bad goes out with it.  Youre clean. 

I don’t know what today is.  If I had to choose id say a combination of the first, second, third, and fourth….wait a minute

Yeah some days are a conglomerate of all the other days.

Some days you wish for someday, someday when itll only be a day like the last one. 

Someday soon itll be like that. 

Someday is not just some day, it’s the one. 

It’s the one where things make sense. 

It’s the one where the food tastes better.

It’s the one where the sun is just warm enough, and the sky just blue enough.

Its someday. 

Someday will come, baby.

Someday will come.

Soon, everyday will be someday.